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The important thing is to do what you need to. School is important so it should come first (you’ve much better than me in that way :P)

I’m only good because I use a site that blocks tumblr/twitter/ when I have work to do lol

Perfect Deliverance - A new story by Welshmama 



From my Perfect Delivery/Walls universe. Tom and Sybil invite Kieran and Gwen over to watch the culmination of the Six Nations Championships. Ireland have an historic victory within their grasp and the birth of Tom and Sybil’s second child is imminent. With the alcohol…








cant stop laughing

Poor lil kitty

i want to cry

Sending hugs and warm thoughts your way! Good luck on your classes, and we are still here when you are. :)

Thank yooou! I know it’s so silly to worry about being forgotten, but the interweb can be so fickle. But I should have known better with you lot <3 x




Remember me? 

I feel like this is all I post lately. What have I learnt about myself since going back to studying?? I cannot for the life of me, manage my time properly. I suck. And I hate that things like tumblr have to take a back seat - when it’s things like, do my homework or catch up on Sybil/Tom posts on tumblr :/ I have had to block certain pages on the internet while i’m working, otherwise nothing would get done. I’m a grown up, I should be able to control myself lol. Then, when i’m done with my work, my eyes hurt too much, and I can’t sit at the computer for entertainment purposes (that sounds dirty heee)

So - from learning this about myself, what have I decided to do? Take another course AFTER I finish this one… I know, it’s crazy, but I finally feel as though my life is coming together. I feel like this should have happened for me so long ago, but health issues have put me behind all my friends when it comes to this stuff. BUT IT’S HAPPENING!

I do check tumblr often, but it’s hard to reblog etc when i’m on my phone, but if anyone is interested in keeping in touch with my outside of here, then message me. I don’t want anyone forgetting about me, and thinking I have jumped ship (THIS SHIP WILL NEVER SINK) or more excitedly - been abducted by aliens.

 I’m on twitter, instagram, facebook etc etc, and I update those all the time (they’re less data greedy than tumblr, so can easily access those on my phone.)

Also, if anyone has any tips and suggestions on time management, please let me know. My classes are three hours long (they’re recorded webinars online) but I find they take me almost double the time, because I have to pause to read all the notes they put up on the screen, as i’m too much of a blindy to be able to read them) and I can’t sit at the computer for three hours straight, as my eyes would officially die… so what should be a simple three hour class, takes me anywhere from 6-7 :/

Girl Meets World 

So, I totally had a dream last night that I watched the brand new episodes of Girl Meets World - and they were amazing. I woke up this morning so confused, and unsure as to whether it was real or not. It wasn’t :(

The Office Bobbleheads for sale <3 

I have five ‘The Office’ bobbleheads up for sale. So please take a look and pass the link on to people you think might be interested. I just want them to go to a good home :)

John Krasinski, smiling with the paps, after one of them congratulated him on becoming a dad, outside his LA gym!

John Krasinski, smiling with the paps, after one of them congratulated him on becoming a dad, outside his LA gym!


Emma Thompson wins at photobombing forever. 

for some reason RJC looks like he’s about to give his dissertation on molecular science

That’s actually what the gala was about ;)

Allen, Michelle and Rob at the &#8216;Britain Changing Faces Gala,&#8217; this evening :)
HQ&#8217;s will be up on ALO shortly xx

Allen, Michelle and Rob at the ‘Britain Changing Faces Gala,’ this evening :)

HQ’s will be up on ALO shortly xx

Happy 9th Birthday, The Office! 


I’m still alive, just struggling to get everything done. Don’t forget me lol x

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