Today was SO much fun. Nick and I went on a little day trip to the stunning Bampton, Oxfordshire to take a look at some of locations used in Downton Abbey. I’m not kidding,  it gave me the fuzzies just being there. I was excited to find the “hospital” as that gave me some amazing Branson feels, but just being there, seeing the church - I can’t explain it. It was also surprisingly sad to think that this is where Sybil and Matthew are “buried.” This bloody show has ruined me :)

In all honesty though, if you ever have the chance to visit, you should Not only is it cool to spot things from the show, it’s also a really gorgeous little village. It’s places like that, that make me remember just how beautiful my little country is.

If you do happen to visit Bampton though, just don’t eat their Victoria sponge cake ;)

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    What what what? DA hospital is a library and nobody told me!
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    Today was SO much fun. Nick and I went on a little day trip to the stunning Bampton, Oxfordshire to take a look at some...
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    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it…I can’t imagine the feels I would get there. It would be a complicated mash of emotions....
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    LoL at the sponge cake, but the report is lovely.
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    hahaha I’m kind of the “brain” of this fandom. I get to slap you all when you are or too scared or too excited xD Sorry,...
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    Damn you for shattering my dream. It was a beautiful one for like half an hour. :P Knew it was too good to be true....
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    More importantly (to me, anyway)…IT’S A LIBRARY! This makes me happy.
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